Smith Minifigure Hand Painted


“And here is Paul, a Smith who challenged the divine purpose. More precisely, the challenge was of Order, and Paul was just part of it. But ignoring his contribution would be a sacrilege. He is a simple son of a smith who couldn’t think about doing something else than shoeing horses and making tools. With the father’s death, Paul felt into the whirl of events, which took him to the great master - Leonardo da Vinci. The meeting with the teacher, how Paul called Leonardo afterwards, played the main role in the creation of a miraculous machine that was meant to break the divine rules, interpreted by the Church”.

So, Paul Schmidhaus - a master-smith and one of the creators of the machine for making homunculus. This is a phygital souvenir by Paracosm Project, with data written in Tangle. The figurine is 8,5 cm tall with the weight of 100 g.

Please, check out also the Minifigure of Champion, another characters from the world of Post Scriptum. We develop the game Post Scriptum CTG on the base of this paracosm. You can purchase Booster Pack for it


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