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We invite you to visit the mystical fortress Caer Sidi - it’s a place in virtuality, where gaming dimensions are one step away for courageous adventurers. Our team has recreated the amazing idea of Welsh legends and made a real experience out of it. Caer Sidi Hub is accessible with a VR headset or through the traditional computer application. Meet other people from all over the Earth, delve into meaningful or just joyful conversations, find new friends, and participate in exciting events. Express your personality with one of the basic avatars or get a special one from Caer Sidi Store. Be brave and enter unknown worlds behind mysterious portals

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Caer Sidi Hub

  • Publisher: Caer Sidi
  • Platform: PC, VR
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Disk space: 8 Gb
  • Developer: Caer Sidi

Meet other users of Caer Sidi in the common virtual space of our Hub. It’s an amazingly beautiful place with portals to various game worlds, with pavilions for having private conversations, and with many possibilities to find friends or have occasional chats.

Caer Sidi Hub is a representation of the legendary fortress Caer Sidi, where multiple universes meet each other. CS Hub is a kind of a crossroad for different dimensions of virtuality, different game worlds.

Change your appearance and let people discover new images of your personality. Take one of the basic avatars for CS Hub or purchase special, with references to game heroes. Unique avatars can be obtained as rewards in special game missions.

Some features of Caer Sidi Hub are dedicated to better interactions of game creators and players. Developers make announcements and conduct promo events here. Gamers are able to check out the internal atmosphere of games, which aren’t in their libraries yet.

Enter Caer Sidi Hub and join gaming of a new level.