Cross reality service

Bring your
virtual Heroes
to Reality!

Monetize your audience through interactive NFC collectibles

New exclusive content

Real-world figurines can open new content in your game or store data, like stats or ownership history


Reach to the audience of dedicated collectors and traders

Additional monetization

Offer your players limited edition collectible figurines with cross reality features

How it works

Player receives NFC figurine or card

Players that adore your characters would love to see them on their desk. Caer Sidi offers creating and shipping NFC figurines based on your 3D models or adding NFC-chips and DLT technology to your existing merch.

Easily activates the asset with their phone

By simply touching the figurine with their phone, your players will activate the virtual asset on their account - and receive new content inside your game. Players can receive exclusive content like new heroes, skins, or boosters inside your game. The possibilities are endless!

Views Hero's Data

Every asset’s victory, achievement, stats, and ownership history will be stored inside the open and tamper-proof distributed registry. Figurines with a better win rate or owned by beloved streamers will be highly valued by collectors. This means more engagement and social media presence for your game!

Want to increase profits?

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Your Assets Will Appear in

Real World

Add NFC functionality to your existing collectibles or even merchandise to add cross-reality features, like unlocking new content in the digital version of your games.

PC games

You can add cross-reality features with our API and enable additional monetization for your games. Offer your players to purchase rare and precious collectible items - they will give them motivation to invest more time and energy in your worlds.

Mobile games

Most modern phones feature an NFC-reader. This makes Caer Sidi perfect for AR apps and games. Use the free-to-play model to get an audience and monetize it by selling real-world items that open new content.

VR games

Imagine having the same epic sword in real life and inside VR. We have created a social VR experience called “Caer Sidi Hub” where players are able to bring and use collectibles from every game connected to the service.

Our Results in Numbers

Increase profits


average additional

income from selling


Reach new audiences


people are playing

games in 2019

Expand market reach


of players collect

assets from their

favorite games

Frequently Asked Question

Yes! Caer Sidi service does not in any way prevent you from using or receiving revenue from other digital distribution services.

We will share our API, that can be easily patched into your game. After this you will only need to share your hero designs or 3D models with us to start production. Contact us to learn more!

Yes, we can create any physical objects with cross-reality functionality, like cards, spaceships, cars. Reach out to us with your original cross-reality ideas!

You can release only a strictly limited number of figurines for your players. This will boost their value and incite your players to get one before the limit runs out!