Inhabitants of the gothic Post Scriptum paracosm battle each other on the playing boards of this collectible token game. Humans, Undead, and Demons are turned to unique pieces, each having its own abilities. Make powerful stacks and taste the victory in multiplayer matches. Come up with various effective strategies and be ready to adjust them for the powers of new tokens in your collection. The value of the Post Scriptum playing pieces is powered-up by Tangle.

Post Scriptum CTG is a trademark of Paracosm Project. © 2020 Paracosm LTD. All rights reserved.

Post Scriptum CTG

  • Publisher: Caersidi
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Collectible Token Game
  • Game feature: For collectors, e-sport, bots
  • Web-site:
  • Release date: TBD
  • Disk space: 1 Gb
  • Developer: Paracosm Project
  • Gameplay: Single, Multiplayer

Participate in exciting matches of the collectible token game Post Scriptum. Choose your hero and entity tokens, take this stack to battles against real opponents.

The game is based on the Post Scriptum paracosm. It appeared even before the apocalypse shook this virtual world. Many things have changed since then but the token game is still here.

First tokens were made from wooden sticks by simple carpenters. They played on stumps, coming up with names and abilities for their freshly made playing pieces. Slowly, the collection of tokens was expanded and the game got settled rules. Many other people started playing it, they were craftsmen, townsfolk, and even noble lords. Some of the pieces got their metal form, and some of them became super precious, rare and powerful. It turned out that making collections of these tokens is the same interesting process as the very matches on the board.

The game invites to the specific gothic atmosphere. Something mysterious is in the air, and personalities on tokens are ready for dangerous, uncompromising fights. Your wit is a great power here. Successful strategies help to succeed in particular matches and in the whole game. But let’s not forget about the role of luck - it brings a nice portion of unpredictability to Post Scriptum CTG.

Play the token game of Post Scriptum and build your valuable collection in the distributed registry of Tangle.