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Caer Sidi is a platform that increases the value of entertainment industry products for end-users thanks to our software solution and built-in NFC tags

Cross-Real Ecosystem

Caer Sidi adds digital features to physical objects thanks to our software solution that unites realities and connects companies with their customers. It’s an easy-to-integrate addition to your current business model that boosts monetization and increases customer loyalty.



Caer Sidi offers a full cycle of producing phygital products - physical assets with digital features. End-users tap phygital objects with their phone and delve into various digital content.



Digital features increase the value of physical objects for end-users. Our software solution turns usual merchandise into interactive Merch 2.0. Connection to DLT powers the collectible value thanks to the proven authenticity and stored ownership history.

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Caer Sidi produces phygital assets for gaming, entertainment, esports, traditional sports, and other industries. Phygital merch is beneficial for various types of business. Contact us via to discuss opportunities for your company.

Who Are We?
Caer Sidi has been created by a team of professionals with various expertises. By producing phygital assets for our partners from various industries, we boost sales, increase the customers loyalty and create unique product positioning.

Gaming Products on Caer Sidi

Altar: the War of Gods

Deities of the real-world mythologies fight for the faith of people. Their battles happen on the game board. Make a well-balanced token collection. Lead your mystical army to many victories.