Caer Sidi Hub Avatar: Urien


This girl is a descendant of a Royal Dynasty, and now she is a keeper of the Caer Sidi fortress. With this purchase, her appearance will be available for you in Caer Sidi Hub.

The other keepers call her Seer. Urien is the only one able to see through time in the place with no time. Her eyes can see beyond the things that exist and those that do not. Her clothes are woven out of stars and constellations, gathered across the countless worlds, connected to the Caer Sidi fortress. Her skin has all the colors of stars and moons from many worlds. Her face is expressionless, but there is a place to nicely hide emotions - the heart beneath the starlit clothes and moonlit royal jewels.

The great knowledge of Multiverse may become a source of wisdom and power. Aeddon is the keeper of it.

*This avatar for Caer Sidi Hub is of limited edition - only 100 Uriens exist.