Caer Sidi Hub Avatar: Aeddon


Profound knowledge from many Universes is available to this mystic. Is he a human being or the mysteries of Caer Sidi pushed him beyond the limits of his nature? Look at his jewels! These are not ordinary stones but pieces of stars, or probably the stars themselves - who knows what tricks with sizes can play with us Caer Sidi.

Some legends say that Aeddon knows everything that ever existed, that exists now, and will exist in the future, and not only in one dimension but across the whole Multiverse, across all time and space. It’s no wonder Philosopher prefers to stay in the shadow and observe the rotation of the legendary fortress. Other keepers of the knowledge do the same. Yes, everything is possible in the place that unites countless worlds, even the simultaneous existence of many Aeddons.

Also, there are other keepers in Caer Sidi. For example, Urien protects the fortress itself.

*This avatar for Caer Sidi Hub is of limited edition - only 100 Aeddons exist.