Goblins vs Gnomes boardgame


Goblins vs Gnomes game takes you into a fantastic world where two small but very stubborn nations are fighting for possession of the treasure! Gnomes mine gold with solid picks and indomitable character, the Goblins are unique seekers, brilliant designers, and pranksters.

This is a roadbuilding board game with roles. Players before the game choose a character - a Goblin or Gnome - and pave the way for gold or the dragon using tiles with tunnels.

The whole match is held in a climate of mutual suspicion since there is a place for bluffing and for hidden scamps. However, the game is extremely fun, hilarious, tastefully and stylishly designed. Furthermore, the short matches and simple rules have made it a hit among friends and family get-together events.

Please, take a look at the tabletop game Altar: the War of Gods, released by the same studio - Wanted Games.

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