Altar T-Shirt Dark Dragon


The  mighty creature on this T-Shirt can become a good warrior in your army of the game Altar: the War of Gods. Get this mythical beast also as a part of your clothes collection. It’s a limited edition offer for dedicated gamers.

In the game Altar: the War of Gods, you can play with various characters - all came from the real-world mythologies. Dark Dragon on this T-Shirt is one of them, Would you like to take him into your token collection?

To start playing Altar, you can install the game from its official page on Caer Sidi and get one pantheon of deities (Aztec) from the start and another one (Japanese) - after completing the tutorial. One more pantheon (Indian) is available after purchasing Altar Starter Pack. The Celtic pantheon is included in the tabletop version of the game, and you can activate these personalities in the online Altar as well.

Dark Dragon looks quite impressive on this stylish T-Shirt. Purchase it and be among the most passionate players.

*This is a limited edition offer - only 25 T-shirts exist. We have different sizes of the Altar T-Shirt Dark Dragon available (S, M, L, XL). You will be able to choose your size in conversation with our manager.

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**This is a pre-order offer - the product is currently out of stock.