What is the Caer Sidi service?
Which goods and services does the site offer?
Is it possible to cancel my order before/after the payment? Is it possible to return physical goods?
How long my orders will remain in the cart?
What to do in the case of payment problems?
How can I check the exchange rate for a payment?
I haven’t received my purchase in time. What to do?
What are Caer Sidi Credits?
I’m registered as a Caser Sidi Trader and participated in Caer Sidi Pre-Sale. When and how can I start selling my stock of Caer Sidi Credits and Paracosm Keys?
How can I check out the legal information, such as Privacy Policy?
How to change my Password?
How to make a purchase from the Caer Sidi Store?
I’ve received defective physical goods. What to do in such a situation?
Can I purchase a gift for another Caer Sidi user?
Which currencies I can use to make payments on CaerSidi.net?
When can I receive my purchased physical assets?
I’ve received other assets than I’ve ordered on CaerSidi.net. What to do?
Can I change my nickname or registration email?
How can Traders see information about their trade offers?
What are Paracosm Keys?