Astonishing innovations of VR
Can they find their way to gaming?

The technology of Virtual Reality is one of the most innovative. Quite recently, the companies made a significant jump in its development, making VR accessible for gamers. Now, the focus is on adding smaller but very tangible shades of improvements. Virtual Reality becomes better each year, and we can even see some glimpses of its further evolution.

It would be interesting to take a look at a few substantial innovations, presented in the industry of VR products. These innovations have not yet been implemented in gaming - they are at a very early stage now.

So, what can we expect to see in the future VR games?

Meanwhile, even the existing games in Virtual Reality are quite impressive. Please, check out our article about Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR, a new game in Caer Sidi Store.

Feeling VR … by the skin of your face

Make the experience of Virtual Reality more realistic - this is one of the primary tasks for developers. It includes:

  • Improving the graphics, what is not a too big problem for modern technologies;
  • Making VR games not so hard for the human body. Overcoming the motion sickness in Virtual Reality is the task mostly for game designers.
  • Delivering physical feelings to people in VR. Headsets give visual and audio information. Controllers allow feeling some feedback through the hands. What about everything else?

Releasing big room-sized installations to splash water and blow air onto the player is not an effective commercial solution. In their search for new ideas, scientists from Taiwan have invented modules for stretching the facial skin to convey specific feelings from the virtual world.

With this technology, VR game developers will be able to imitate the movements, touches, and temperature. To demonstrate a practical usage, the scientists have created a special mask for a VR headset and three applications to try it out: motorbike rides, a snowball game, and a virtual museum.

VR games definitely can adopt this technology. What do you think, guys? Would you like to have such a thing on your face?


The world changes when you don't look

Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the area of Virtual Reality. It invests a lot in developing VR innovations, and as a result, some really interesting technologies become available for game development companies. One of them is the possibility to change the virtual world when the player looks in another direction.

This feature is based on the possibility to follow the position of eyeballs and check which parts of the picture are in the peripheral vision right now. Microsoft has created a software system for this, named Mise-Unseen. It’s a Microsoft Research product and it should be improved, but the idea may have lots of applications in the game industry.

Of course, the basis of Mise-Unseen is eye-tracking - this feature itself can become useful for game creators. Check out the video about the technology.


Walk in Virtuality and Reality at the same time

Another interesting VR innovation also came from Microsoft Research - it’s DreamWalker. It allows walking in the real world with a VR headset on your face. The system scans the surrounding environment and transforms its elements into specific virtual objects.

For example, a person wants to walk around a fairyland on their way to the office. DreamWalker can make this possible.

Still, using DreamWalker in this way is a super weird decision. But game developers may utilize it for their projects. For example, as a way to allow more physical movements for VR players without smashing objects in the room. Maybe, this will open new methods of overcoming motion sickness in VR and expanding the gameplay possibilities.


Gaming is an area for practical implementations of these and other technological innovations. We at Caer Sidi like Virtual Reality and make steps towards this section of gaming with our Caer Sidi Hub - a virtual space to communicate and start new adventures. It’s available with VR headsets and through the traditional computer application.

Maybe mentioned here VR innovations will help somehow to make Caer Sidi Hub even better for our users, but that’s definitely a possibility for the future. Right now, the team of Caer Sidi has other intermediate goals:

  • bringing innovations of phygital assets into the game industry, making physical souvenirs with digital data stored in the distributed registry accessible for small and medium-sized companies. Please, check out the article “Tangible gaming” for more information on this topic.
  • providing Caer Sidi users with various gaming content. We offer a win\win partnership for development companies and try to add new games and assets to Caer Sidi Store.

In fact, both of these goals are interconnected. Developers can find a new audience by publishing their games on Caer Sidi and new methods to monetize their products by producing phygital assets for their IP. Of course, we always keep in mind the interests of Caer Sidi users - this is really our top priority.

Stay tuned to our news on social networks and join our Discord community.

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