Tangled gaming: contribution to the future
Start accumulating valuable data right now

To get some significant results in big games, players should invest in them quite a lot of time and energy. Are these investments vain? Of course not! Gaming time is super fruitful - players have so many amazing emotions, which are a real treasure of gaming. Still, can we have something more?

This question especially arises in the long run, years after you stopped playing a particular game. Do you have anything from it except for vague memories?

The technology of Tangle makes results of investments in gaming more substantial. It may erase doubts whether playing video games is time wasted - no, it’s not. This article explains why.

To have a look at this technology from the game developers’ point of view, check out the article “Opportunities of distributed registry in the game industry.”

What is Tangle?

Let’s start from the basics. Tangle is a technology, developed by the IOTA Foundation (partners of Caer Sidi). It’s a distributed registry/ledger that stores information as a stream of interconnected transactions. Each of the transactions is confirmed by some previous and it confirms some following. Security of this data is proved by the power of decentralization, so the information here is protected from backdated changes.

Another version of the distributed ledger technology is blockchain. In a way, it’s very similar to Tangle - the same decentralization and highly protected data. Still, the difference is enormous. And this difference has a direct connection with our contribution to the future - whilst blockchain can potentially collapse with an intensively growing chain of blocks, Tangle has a very significant advantage of high scalability. Gaming is generating tons of data, that’s why the scalability of Tangle becomes the best solution for integrating the distributed registry technology into the game industry.

What happens with gaming achievements?
In the modern world, information becomes really valuable. Storing it securely is a crucial task - even for gaming. Various in-game achievements and assets get their real-world value as the reputation of this player and as money equivalent. What happens with this digital object usually?

Players evolve in a particular game in many aspects, especially if they delve into long-time adventures of a game as a service. Skills become significantly improved, social connections become strongly developed, and internal inventories become filled with many objects. With no distributed registry, the inventories remain valuable only inside of this game world and only till the game is supported by the developers. When players feel bored and stop playing, they lose almost everything. Often, such a prospect prevents people from playing more or even from starting a game.

What Tangle can offer here? Each significant gaming achievement gets its record in the distributed registry of Tangle. This record can’t be changed and remains in the distributed registry forever and ever (theoretically, of course). Each gaming asset will also have a record in DRT/DLT, and this makes players their real owners - with the possibility to trade/exchange even outside of the game.

Proved ownership

We talked on this topic in the article “Do you really own your virtual assets?” Still, it’s worthy to be mentioned here again.

The current traditions of the industry don’t allow players to own their assets and even games - end-users only rent their virtual values from big companies. Even accounts is a property of game distributed platforms, and there are quite a lot of situations when players have their accounts blocked or stolen.

With Tangle, such situations become (almost) impossible. After completing the procedure of KYC, gaming accounts and everything connected to them become linked to specific people. Transfers of assets between users will be reflected in Tangle, so it will always be possible to find out who is the real owner.

What do you play for?

Probably, entertainment is the primary goal in every game. Still, something else can be added to the various emotions of players. Thanks to Tangle, investments of time and energy lead to amazing results in the future:

  • proven reputation in a game and beyond it, in the vast gaming community. Each achievement is securely stored in the distributed registry - completed missions and participation in tournaments will be reflected in the info, attached to the account.
  • items in the inventory become even more valuable in the process of time, especially if they come with all the info about their previous owners and feats, performed with these objects.


Apart from subtle advantages, Tangle gives something quite real. With this technology trades between players have much more solid basis - no risks of fraud during transactions and the real possibility to get money from virtual objects.

Players become much more motivated in the game if they can convert their virtual assets into the real-world values. Tangle makes this possible.

Caer Sidi is a solution

Tangle can have various uses and it is certainly suitable for gaming. It brings into the industry substantial advantages for players and for developers, and still, this tool should be adapted for the particular needs and supported by a professional team. Caer Sidi is a service that makes the Tangle presence in the industry real - not as an individual tool but as a ready-made, multilayered infrastructure, convenient for users and developers.

It’s super easy to start contributing to the future with Caer Sidi gaming - create a user account and get your Paracosm Key or connect your game world to our ecosystem. Tangle gaming is the future itself and it starts right now.

Have some questions? Join our Discord community and ask them directly to key people of Paracosm Project.

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