Story-driven vs Endless games
Caer Sidi expand experience in both types

Experience of playing games can be compared to the light that passes through a diamond - there are so many shades and colors, that each ray becomes absolutely unique. Gamers get the same range of emotions from their virtual adventures. Even one game gives totally different feelings to different people. This variety is a deep treasure of the game culture.

So, it’s better to start the comparison of story-driven and endless games with a basic statement - there is no universal rule on what you should choose. Your game preferences are only yours and only you can decide what to play at a particular moment.

Still, it doesn’t really matter what kind of games you prefer to play (or create), the service of Caer Sidi is able to take your overall experience to a new quality level - and this article also explains how. Creators of both types of games may find some interesting information in our special offer for developers.

Story-driven games

This is a gaming classic. Not so long ago, the majority of games hadn’t a multiplayer component and was mostly about completing some thrilling mission (save a princess, defeat an evil guy, or explore faraway lands or even times). Sometimes, the role of the story isn’t too powerful and players could concentrate on improving their skills for finishing game levels. Still, the playing experience iss the same time-limited, games of this kind have the beginning and they definitely have their end.

Endless games

This type of games is mostly about multiplayer matches. Players jump into a battle, they compete with real opponents, they win or lose, and then they repeat the same pattern again and again. An individual match obviously has a time limitation, but the game itself offers no end. These games make up a kind of ecosystem and try to keep players for as long as possible.

Pros and cons

Story-driven games allow the very art of game creation to shine in all its beauty. For developers, they give an amazing way to convey some thoughts and views, to play with emotions of players, and to implement great ideas of game design. For players, such games are breathtaking adventures, often more interesting and touching than any movie - because you participate in the story actively, you know. Players can complete one such game and move forward to experience other pieces of gaming art.

The negative side here for developers is a much bigger time and energy investment in creating good levels and thought-out stories. Players may become disappointed in the plot or mechanics, or they may feel the game too short.

Endless games are very popular nowadays, especially thanks to professional esports competitions. Often they offer quite short rounds in which players know perfectly well what to do. The feeling of being acquainted with the rules and situations is quite comforting, especially if you can occasionally win. The competitive aspect is probably the most powerful in these games. For developers, creating the basis for such a game is a much easier process than making a story-driven game on a decent level.

Still, the development process is not finished after the release of a game as a service. It’s necessary to add new content to motivate players to remain in it. The monetization becomes quite an issue - even selling the game is not a solution because developers should have a regular income. Players often become stuck in one game. Dropping it means losing all the progress (and glory) but playing it may not give the same burst of emotions. Often multiplayer games are just frustrating because of weird teammates or opponents. 

Some developers try to combine both types in one product. Often at least one of these aspects becomes not so great as the other - the multiplayer mode is bad or the story campaign is boring.

Guys, what kind of games do you prefer to play or to create? Please, let us know through comments on social networks.

The role of Caer Sidi

We develop a multiplayer gaming infrastructure for gamers and developers, and it has something to offer for both story-driven and endless types. Caer Sidi brings into the game industry lots of innovations, but let us highlight only one of the possibilities in this article - phygital assets.

Caer Sidi is a Tangle-based ecosystem that unites games, platforms, and realities. Thanks to the distributed registry, we can combine the real world and the gaming virtuality. Phygital assets are physical objects with digital features. They can:

  • give additional connection to the heroes and story. Assets, such as figurines of in-game heroes will have only a collectible value with a digital copy stored in the distributed registry.
  • unlock secret missions or give a new appearance of virtual characters to have more reasons to return to the game once again.
  • unlock new heroes, which available in the game only with special phygital figurines.
  • connect online and tabletop games - with the possibility to transfer the heroes’ experience between them.
  • connect various digital games to allow users to transfer their experience to easily start new adventures.

These are only a few examples of the possibilities available with the phygital assets from the Caer Sidi service. To discover other opportunities, contact us through this form.

Caer Sidi opens additional monetization methods for both types of games. Whatever you develop, we can help you to concentrate on creativity. Together, we can make the world of gaming better.

Stay tuned to our news on social networks. Join our Discord community to communicate directly with key people in Caer Sidi.

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