Aigarth and gameplay dimensions in Post Scriptum CTG
Many opportunities in one game

The collectible token game Post Scriptum invites to board battles of virtual characters. All these personalities got their implementation in the game as playing tokens of various value and rarity. Players can have two slightly different attitudes to Post Scriptum CTG: tactical and strategic. Let’s take a closer look at them in this blog post on Caer Sidi.

We at Paracosm Project develop games of Post Scriptum as part of our ecosystem. To know our products better, please check out the article “Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service explained.”

Interconnected dimensions

In a match, players think about getting the victory. That’s the tactical dimension of gameplay. In the whole game, players try to get a better collection of Post Scriptum tokens, to make with them powerful stacks, and win as many matches as possible. It’s the strategic dimension of gameplay.

Both attitudes can (and should) co-exist. It’s good to think about strategic benefits while playing a match. It’s good to give your tactical development a focused direction - to build an effective tokens army.

To be successful in Post Scriptum CTG, players should unite two attitudes, turn two dimensions of gameplay into one seamless experience.

Strategic values

The quantity of particular tokens is limited, and getting rare and strong tokens might be a kind of luck. The game contains three types of tokens, released annually:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Unique

Real collectors pay special attention to Unique tokens. They are the most valuable and it’s hard to get them. Rare tokens make up quite a treasure too, they lie in the basis of Post Scriptum CTG collections.

Strategic attitude has the goal of getting lots (preferably all) Rare and Unique tokens. There are different ways to achieve this goal:

  1. Play a lot to expand your collection;
  2. Purchase Boosters of Post Scriptum CTG with seven random tokens;
  3. Purchase tokens from other players on our (upcoming) marketplace.

All these ways are better together. Dedicated players can order the creation of their individual heroes/tokens.

AI support

The first item from the list above asks for (probably) the most precious resource - time. It’s good to invest less time in the process and get the same or even better results.

The game Post Scriptum CTG will be able to create AI substitution for themselves, using the project Aigarth.

The name consists of two words, “AI” meaning “artificial intelligence” and “garth” meaning “yard” or “garden”, it sounds similar (with some stretch) to Asgard. The current plan is to create Aigarth on top of Qubic which is being developed by the IOTA Foundation on top of IOTA,” -  Sergey Ivancheglo writes in his blog post.

Thus the tactical dimension of gameplay becomes rather secondary. Players can concentrate on their strategies for making impressive collections of the Post Scriptum CTG tokens, and also on improving the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Post Scriptum CTG is in development right now. Another collectible token game on Caer Sidi is the product of our partners from the Wanted Games studio - Altar: the War of Gods.

What do you think about the possibilities of Aigarth? Let’s discuss this topic on our Discord server, where you can communicate directly with key people in Paracosm Project (including Sergey Ivancheglo).

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