Open doors to incredible with your Paracosm Key
A detailed explanation of this essential asset

The service of Caer Sidi is full of amazing possibilities. It’s a cross reality portal that unites our world and virtual paracosms. The fun starts just after entering our VR Hub and it continues during communications, exchanges or trades of assets, and of course, during playing games. You just need to open the door to this portal to unlock all the features of Caer Sidi, and Paracosm Keys have been made especially for this.

More details about the whole our ecosystem are given in the article “Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service explained.” In this post, we are going to tell a story of Paracosm Key.

Accounts and Keys

One of the core ideas of Caer Sidi is creating a zone of trust in the gaming community. This is almost like the early idea of the Internet, which has been crushed by the human nature. To prevent such a situation in our ecosystem, we make the very technology in the base of Caer Sidi protected from fraud. We do this by:

  • connecting many processes in the ecosystem to the distributed registry. Thus, all the data will be protected by the power of decentralization, and this includes all the transactions, history of assets, achievements of the accounts. The technology of distributed registry proves ownership for virtual assets.
  • limiting access to the whole functional of Caer Sidi. It’s open only for verified users who have completed the procedure of KYC

So, where is the place of Paracosm Key here? Getting this digital (or real-world) asset is a necessary step for completing KYC, verifying a Caer Sidi account, getting access to the distributed registry, and therefore entering our zone of trust in gaming.

Blank Paracosm Key is a digital asset. It should be activated by completing the KYC procedure

The way begins with a Blank Paracosm Key

Some aspects of Paracosm Keys still need to be explained. If you visit the Store section on, you will find there a few offers connected to the Keys. The most basic and primary here is a Blank Paracosm Key.

It’s a digital asset that should be activated by completing KYC. Only after that, a Blank Paracosm Key will become a fully functional Paracosm Key.

Verification is a powerful protecting step that eliminates many methods of fraud through creating fake accounts. Verified users have White Caer Sidi accounts and thus have access to the full functional of our service. 

It’s worth to highlight the following few features, open only for White accounts:

  • Expanded user profiles with the possibility to reserve a nickname in the distributed registry;
  • Account history in the distributed registry that includes data on all the assets in the inventory. This feature also means the possibility to restore the history in case of losing the account;
  • Caer Sidi users with White accounts can upload their games and assets;
  • The possibility to make deals on the assets market;
  • Participation in votes on publishing new content on Caer Sidi;
  • Getting donations from other users;
  • 24/7 technical support.

The way continues with a Tangible Paracosm Key

Just having a Paracosm Key is enough to enjoy all things Caer Sidi. Will we limit our users with only digital objects? Not at all. We know how significant it is for gamers to have various real-world souvenirs, so our team has prepared a Tangible Paracosm Key - a physical souvenir with digital features, or a phygital asset.

Tangible Paracosm Keys have in-built NFC-chips that allow getting quick access to the user profile. It’s a kind of business card in the gaming world. Tangible Paracosm Keys open all the functions of Caer Sidi, it unites the world around us and virtuality.

Add style, uniqueness, or personality.

Tangible Paracosm Key is an impressive souvenir itself, but come on - have you really thought we could stop on just this thing and will not add even more amazing features to it? And yep, we did so with three offers of Skins for Paracosm Keys. They are mostly cosmetic additions:

  • Basic Key Skin - a standard model to keep your Key with style;
  • Advanced Key Skin - an addition to your Tangible Key with a unique design;
  • Key Skin with Individual Design - the most personalized model of the skin. You can order your own design, and our team will help to make your ideas come true.

Tangible Paracosm Key is a phygital asset, a physical object that keeps digital data. It carries ID of a Caer Sidi user.

The very Paracosm Key is a super interesting object that proves brilliant functionality of Caer Sidi - and still, it’s just a key to the real fun, which happens behind that imaginary doors, in Caer Sidi.

Most of the offers in Caer Sidi Store are pre-orders. That’s true for Tangible Paracosm Keys and Skins too. The team of Paracosm Project is dedicated to follow our development plans and release the products in time. The start of the KYC procedures is planned for 3-4 quarters of 2019, and it’s free for the Key owners.

Guys, if you have any questions or just want to chat with us, join our Paracosm Community on Discord. See you there!


*Actual appearance of these items will differ from the picture

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