Paracosm Digest #24
We work for you, guys

The hot summer season is over, and the game industry is already looking forward to the hot season of winter holidays. We at Paracosm Project are in tune with both of these trends - professionals of our team had a nice refreshing rest, so they are ready to deliver all the aspects of Caer Sidi at the best quality level and in time, according to our plans for Q3-Q4 2019.

However relaxing this summer was, we didn’t stop the development process, so Paracosm Project reached some significant milestones since Paracosm Digest #23. Let’s delve into fresh report right now.

New languages on Caer Sidi 
The gaming community is international, so we create a global service - for the benefit of all gamers around the world. Caer Sidi Alpha was released on May 2019 with an English interface. Now, we added two more languages:

  • Russian;
  • Chinese.

To change the interface language, use the drop-down menu in the lower-left corner of We plan to write posts for Caer Sidi Blog only in English.

Distributed registry

One of the distinguishing features of Caer Sidi is the use of distributed registry to store valuable data of users and information from the connected games, to support the real-world value of virtual assets and allow really own them, and to merge playing experience in real and virtual worlds. Please, check out what we have done in this area:

  • Internal assets have been made unique, with their specific records in the registry;
  • Existing quantitative assets have been converted into unique ones;
  • We worked on the process of getting assets from SSStorage and storing them;
  • Additional API-methods for the interactions between SSStorage and Caer Sidi back end have been implemented;
  • The basic functions of the upcoming User Market have been implemented on our dev-server.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that some changes have been made in the features of transferring assets between Caer Sidi users.

Post Scriptum
Quite recently, the collectible token game Post Scriptum was released in its alpha version for the public testing. This milestone is the topic of our post “The first game of Post Scriptum is out now.”

Some adjustments have been made since that alpha release.

  • Improved sound effects and lighting;
  • The possibility to change the sounds and music volume has been added;
  • The preliminary list of in-game tokens is ready;
  • The user interface has now the button for login in and out;
  • The game has a system of validation of opponents’ ID and armies;
  • The in-game timer counts time for making moves in the matches;
  • We have added the possibility to play matches of six players;
  • Players can edit their armies and then choose one for the battles.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.

To play Post Scriptum CTG, visit this official page.

Also, we continue working on Post Scriptum RPG:

  • in-game music;
  • switching characters in real time;
  • first-person view;
  • voxel terrain;
  • online game.

Please, take a look at some images from the Post Scriptum paracosm. Notice, this is a work in progress.

  • Sketches of robbers, infected by decay:

Post Scriptum robbers, infected by decay

  • Sketch of the collection editor:

Make an army of powerful tokens / figures in the role-playing game Post Scriptum

  • Sketches of vampires, which are creatures of the Undead party:

Vampires - warriors of the Undead part in the game Post Scriptum RPG

  • A boar from the world of Post Scriptum:

A boar from the world of Post Scriptum

Altar: the War of Gods

This game is developed by our partnering studio, Wanted Games. Altar is also available for public alpha testing. Its recent update has been described in the article “New build of Altar is out now.”

The team behind this game works on the interface. Here a screenshot from of creative process:

Play Altar: the War of Gods - screenshot of the interface

The mystical characters of Altar will have sets of special abilities - this feature is also in active development right now.

Altar: the War of Gods will be available online and also in the real world - the tabletop version will be released quite soon. It offers players the unique Celtic pantheon. Through phygital assets, these characters will also be available in the online game.

We are glad to reveal the sketch of the water god Manannan:

Celtic sea god Manannan in the game Altar: the War of Gods

We prepare for you so much other amazing news, but it’s better not to hurry with announcements and be concentrated on the development itself. Still, it’s hard not to reveal something at the end of this Digest [spoiler alert] - our next big news will be connected to CrossParacosmic VR Hub.

Stay tuned to our social accounts and join our Discord community to not miss posts from Paracosm Project.

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