17 great games of 2019 (Caer Sidi choice)
Probably, we need more than a year to play them all

The video games industry offers so many titles nowadays that it becomes a kind of problem for gamers - to choose what to play. We invest time in the process of playing games, and this is a very valuable resource. Our list of the best releases of 2019 can help to choose a worthy purchase for your gaming excitement.
For game developers, such a list can be even more interesting than for gamers. It’s always a good idea to check out the prominent creations of competitors and learn from their experiences.
Caer Sidi is a service for both gamers and developers. We can add the innovative aspect of Cross Reality probably to any game, providing players with new possibilities to interact with favorite virtual world and development companies with new ways to monetize their product and engage users. For more information, please check out the article “Games are welcome on Caer Sidi”.
So, let’s delve into the amazing dimension of gaming. This year is full of wonderful games. We do not make a chart with them – titles are listed by their release date.

Apex Legends

(Feb 4: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Battle Royale was a phenomenon of the previous year, and in February 2019, Apex Legends gave this genre a new boost. It was an unexpected and very successful release. A bit later, the game lost its momentum, and still, it’s really worth to try out if you like the shooting genre.
Players land in the world of the Titanfall franchise. The only goal here is to be the last player/team survived - all the other should die. A nice location, many heroes, various weapons, and thought-out gameplay allow this free-to-play game to compete with other Battle Royale titles. Its monetization scheme is based on the Battle Pass system with cosmetic items.


Metro Exodus

(Feb 15: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia)

The Metro series continues with this installment. Exodus is super interesting for those who want to follow the story of the previous games. Also, it’s a very good shooter.

Artyom, the hero of the Metro games moves from Moscow through the whole continent to the Far East. On the way, he fights awful monsters.

We placed Metro Exodus in our list of “7 spooky games to play this Halloween”. They all are great, so we will not mention them again - just check out that post.


The Division 2

(March 15: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia)

The second installment of the Tom Clancy’s Division series changes its location from New York City to Washington DC. A pandemic has destroyed civilization, and the whole city with its iconic monuments is rather ruined. It’s a nice place for a shooter game.

The Division 2 offers a campaign to complete and lots of content after the plot. It gives quite a satisfying experience to shoot, collect loot, and develop your character.

Another shooting game interesting by the possibilities of internal progress is Warface. Recently, we posted an article about it and the possibilities of phygital assets in this genre


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

(March 22: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

It’s a game for fans of tough experiences in the style of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. FromSoftware has got the reward Game of the Year for this title.

A shinobi explores virtual Japan, full of powerful warriors and mysterious magic. The hero is merciless to his enemies, so be ready to see rivers of blood. Also, be prepared for multiple deaths of your character, it’s a really difficult game, in the original style of this developer. Many attempts allow to develop your skills - practice makes perfect.


Outer Wilds

(May 29-30: Xbox One, PC; Oct 15: PS4)

Don’t confuse this game with another one from our list. They have similar names and both invite into a sci-fi setting, and still, they are super different.
Outer Wilds is one of the most unique creations in the game industry. You can compare it to the film Groundhog Day but with spaceships and faraway planets. Players have only 22 minutes to try and explore the world, find something interesting and even shocking. Then, those 22 minutes repeat, so players have a chance to discover something new and find out why all of these are happening and what’s the game’s biggest secret.


Mortal Kombat 11

(April 2: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Stadia)

One of the most popular fighting series got its new iteration this year, and many players think it’s just brilliant. Do you like to smash your opponents with hilariously brutal combos? Then MK 11 may be a nice game to play for you.

There is a storyline to explore and lots of authentic characters to fight with. The multiplayer mode can be hard - the community has lots of dedicated players. 

Hero-based games are especially suitable for the technology of Cross Reality through phygital assets. Many players would like to have game characters as physical figurines with digital features. Get more information in the article “Merchandise enhances gaming experience”.


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

(June 21: PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

Crash Bandicoot with his friends returns from the PS1 era and invites to participate in fun and colorful cart races.
It’s a great game to relax with a bit goofy characters – some challenges of the game may be tough but they are never too serious. Crash Team Racing is a good alternative to the well known Mario Kart (if you are not in the ecosystem of Nintendo).



(Aug 27: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The game has been created by Remedy Entertainment, authors of many other great titles, such as Max Payne and Quantum Break. This time, their product is published by a middle-size company, and still, the quality and creative content make Control the same impressive as AAA games.

Jesse Faden explores mysteries of Federal Bureau of Control and learns various paranormal powers. She has only one gun but it can change the form and the shooting style. The main opponent here is an evil guy named Hiss. To reach him, Jesse fights many malicious minions.

What about losing control over a game situation? It’s not a bad thing in the genre of auto-battlers, which is also popular in 2019.


Gears 5

(Sep 10: Xbox One, PC)

Previously, this series had the name Gears of War. Still, it’s the same intense action shooter, where players fight against awful monsters.

Gears 5 is quite a brutal experience with a lot of blood and tense skirmishes. The developers managed to make this game quite touching in its campaign and fun in its multiplayer mode.

Recently, we posted an article about another big game, connected to war - World of Tanks. Of course, we talk not only about the game itself but also about the potential possibility of integrating phygital Cross Reality into this product. Please, check out the details here: “World of Tanks - an unusual strategic shooter”.


Borderlands 3

(Sep 13: PS4 Xbox One, PC, Stadia)

The previous games of the Borderlands series were released quite a long time ago, so fans anticipated the third part - and many of them are super satisfied. Of course, the game is good for newbies to the franchise too.

Borderlands 3 keeps the core gameplay of its predecessors. It’s a first-person shooter with single- and multiplayer modes. Events take place on a few planets, but the in-game atmosphere is the same as on original Pandora. The story is whirling around the Vaults with amazing artifacts left by an ancient civilization. Players become Vault Hunters and collect various valuable loot. Like the whole series, the game is prominent by the number of available weapons.


Untitled Goose Game

(Sep 20: PC, Switch; Dec 17: PS4, Xbox One)

It’s nice to relax after tough battles with something hilariously fun. This game was in development for quite a long time, but the gaming community waited not in vain. The Goose Game is awesome, it even became a new trend in social media for a while (Honk! Honk!)

The main hero is a goose and it’s up to mischief. Good people of the virtual world just live their lives and that bird tries to bring chaos in the calm daily activities. Players may complete the missions (like stealing keys) or just goof around.

Interesting, what would that goose do if all its mischiefs are stored in the distributed registry of Tangle? Is this a good contribution to the future for the naughty bird?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

(Oct 25: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

2019 brought us a good harvest of shooters, and It’s not a surprise to see among them the annual release of CoD. Still, this game is rather unusual - this is a reboot of the subseries Modern Warfare.

Players got the classic Call of Duty gameplay, so they control soldiers in a war conflict. Russians invaded the fictional country and the British military forces help local rebels to resist. The game has both single and multiplayer modes. Criticism towards this game includes a too realistic demonstration of war, but this can be a good thing to do and avoid wars in reality.

The CoD franchise made another noticeable release in 2019 - the first-ever mobile installment in the series. Call of Duty Mobile is very similar to the core games but has a different controlling system. Various modes make it quite an enjoyable experience. 


The Outer Worlds

(Oct 25: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The creators of this game, Obsidian Entertainment, are well-known for developing licensed games for others’ IP, such as Fallout: New Vegas or South Park: The Stick of Truth. Still, the studio also creates its own franchises, such as Pillar of Eternity. The Outer World is their first game released after becoming part of Xbox Game Studios.

Players experience the harsh world of capitalism where negative aspects of this economic system are brought to the point of absurdity. In a space colony, a megacorporation rules the life of people. The game hero lands here and makes the playable crew with local NPCs. Probably, they will be able to change the situation in the society of the alternative future. It’s an action RPG, so players have a lot of choices to build in-game characters and develop the story.


Luigi’s Mansion 3

(Oct 31: Switch)

This game may look cartoonish but it’s one of the best experiences available on Nintendo Switch. This is a continuation of the popular series, available previously on other consoles from Nintendo. All of the games have a similar scenario - Luigi, brother of famous Mario, explores a haunted house and catches ghosts with his flashlight and special hover-like device. Luigi looks for Mario but many puzzles try to stop him in this mission.

This time, Luigi and other characters of this franchise are trapped in a luxury hotel. The game looks gorgeous, so it’s a pleasure to just wander around that mansion. Puzzles here are very interesting and some ghosts are quite tricky to catch.


Death Stranding

(Nov 8: PS4)

Hideo Kojima departed from Konami in 2015 and left his famous series Metal Gear behind. This is his first game as a free creator, with the support of Sony and many well-known personalities. The author says it’s a totally new genre of strand games.

Death Stranding is quite unusual and even a bit weird in its story and gameplay mechanics. In the alternative future, the catastrophe, named death stranding, killed many people and made remnants of humanity hide in underground bunkers. The world of mysterious spirits has become so close to the usual reality that walking around is immensely dangerous – in some places, mystic monsters attack everyone. The main hero is a postman who delivers packages between bunkers, builds infrastructure for himself and other delivery men, and fight those ghostly creatures. He walks with a baby in a jar to detect monsters – this fact gives a proper feeling of the game’s weirdness.

One of the most innovative aspects of Death Stranding is its social component. We at Caer Sidi also develop a product for social interactions of gamers - Caer Sidi Hub.


Need for Speed Heat

(Nov 8: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This series of racing games has found its perfect style and tries to deliver it for modern gamers with modern devices. In 2018, we got NFS Payback, which turned out to be not the best attempt of the developers. The Heat game has made many more things right, mostly thanks to keeping the classic formula of arcade races.

In a virtual version of Miami, the hero practices driving skills in daytime by participating in legal races. This activity gives important in-game currency. Still, the main fun begins at nights, when illegal races start on the streets. The challenge becomes harder and the police are eager to catch those slow enough. Many cars, customization options, nice tracks in the beautiful world, and the atmosphere of hot races continue traditions of the series. The game occupies a nice niche to compete with popular racing simulators where driving asks for a high skill level.


Darksiders Genesis

(Dec 5: PC, Stadia)

For the first time in the Darksider series, we have two playable characters to choose from or even play simultaneously in the co-op mode. Another significant difference from the previous installments is the view. Instead of the traditional 3rd-person view, the developers have chosen “a look from above”, typical for such games as Diablo.
Strife and War fight against multiple demons to stop evil plans of Lucifer to destroy the balance of powers in the world. It’s a hack and slash game with colorful graphics and quite satisfying battle mechanics. It’s a typical story-driven game but with the possibility of couch co-op.


Our list of the best games from 2019 is over, but gaming adventures only start (or continue) from this point. What would you choose to play next?
Of course, we expect to see the next year the same filled with gaming excitements, especially because the next-gen consoles will be released in 2020 (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X). Also, we expect to see how the Caer Sidi service makes the game industry an even more amazing place to be.
If you are interested in integrating the Cross Reality technology into your gaming products, check out info on this page for developers and feel free to contact us to discuss the details.



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