Ecosystems of Gaming
Let’s concentrate on things that unite us

The world of gaming is united by the aspiration to have fun in virtual worlds, compete with other players, discover new stories, and become better as a gamer. This power of entertaining, adventures, and self-improvement connects everyone in the gaming community. Still, it’s not mighty enough to remove everything separating us - and often, this is to be part of smaller communities of various brands.

It seems like big companies in the game industry try to keep gamers inside of specific circles, making rushing out of them quite an uncomfortable task. Thus ecosystems appear, similar to galaxies in the vast gaming universe. They have some things in common but mostly they are far away from each other, keeping gamers inside by (almost) any means.

Still, another trend gets popularity. It’s making more gaming ecosystems interconnected and bringing gamers back into one holistic community. Caer Sidi is following this trend. We don’t like to make new barriers and limitations for our users and prefer to remove existing ones. Are you with us?

Ecosystems of games

It seems like some games are made to catch players forever and ever. They even can be compared to traps, in which players will spend hundreds of playing hours. They are not some evil traps that keep you by force - on the contrary, these games are super attractive and promise lots of fun.

Games as a service do not offer the limited-time experience of story-driven games. They are endless adventures and often use the free-to-play monetization scheme. Keeping players inside of this ecosystem is crucial for such products to survive.

There are different ways to do so, such as:

  • a level-up system that motivates to spend more time in this game (CS:GO);
  • regular time-limited events with some special prizes to make many players return (Fortnite);
  • esports competitions with big prize pools to create a dream for young players (League of Legends);
  • adding virtual assets with real-world value that become super engaging for the playing audience (Dota 2).

Of course, this is not a full list, and many games combine various features to not lose players from their ecosystem. Remaining inside becomes so satisfying. Starting new games is so insecure and difficult.

Ecosystems of platforms

Gaming platforms are even more of a trap than ecosystems of games (sweet, sweet traps). You buy a PlayStation or Xbox, you build a gaming PC or dive into mobile gaming - and then you find yourself absorbed in everything on this particular platform. Everything becomes so convenient inside the ecosystem of your choice that moving away seems just impossible and totally unnecessary.

  • Games and achievements are connected to one account. Another platform means a totally blank history;
  • Online friends are inside of this ecosystem, you can’t take them away;
  • You get used to the control patterns. So, why relearn?

Have you heard about the constant fight between some members of the PlayStation and Xbox communities? Have you heard about the constant arguments of some console and PC players? These are the consequences of being deeply stuck in one ecosystem.

Ecosystems of realities

VR gaming is still in its early days, but slowly it evolves into a specific part of the gaming culture. If you have a VR headset, you are definitely more tend to buy VR games and remain in them.

Tabletop games gather around themselves community of fans. Real-world gatherings are very interesting to participate in (such as Sliel’19 in Essen, Germany). Collections of real-world games and their attributes are so beautiful and promise so much joy. There is no reason to leave this ecosystem and start your “gaming career” in virtuality from scratch. Vice versa is also true.

One Gaming

Ecosystems of gaming are not bad in any way. They have something that divides gamers - that’s for sure. But they also have many uniting aspects. Do you remember them from the start of this article? Fun playing time and hot competitions are present in ecosystems of games, platforms, and realities. This is a common ground for us to unite once again.

Cross-platform matches and cross-platform saves in particular games - these are examples of strong connections between ecosystems. Creating them is a great work of many people, and it’s totally amazing to see them happen.

Caer Sidi is also an ecosystem, but we have some global thoughts in our mind while creating it. We don’t want to build another closed community. Caer Sidi is an ecosystem that unites games, platforms, and realities. It’s a mighty step towards the idea of One Gaming.

  • The ecosystem of Caer Sidi unites realities - thanks to phygital assets. These real-world souvenirs have in-built NFC chips and can unlock unique digital content, such as additional heroes and skins. Players can use them in tabletop games and have effects on the linked online games as well.
  • Caer Sidi unites games - thanks to the distributed registry technology. Achievements and items from one game can be transferred to another game universe. 
  • Caer Sidi unites platforms - we do not limit our partners in publishing their products on other services. Caer Sidi is a place for all sorts of games: PC, VR, AR, mobile, etc.

What an ambitious project that Caer Sidi is! Still, we don’t rush the process of implementing our ideas, so we are moving forward in the most efficient way. The first step in developing our ecosystem and uniting gaming is adding more 3rd-party gaming content to Caer Sidi and partnering with game developers for producing phygital assets for their IP.

We already negotiate potential partnerships with many companies. The results will be highlighted on the Caer Sidi blog. 

If you are interested in our offer for your products, check out this page for developers

Also, it would be nice to meet you in the real world. The schedule of October conferences with our participation has been posted in Paracosm Digest #26.

Another way to stay in touch with Caer Sidi is to join the Caer Sidi Community on Discord. There, you can communicate directly with key people in our company.

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