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in all realities

Cross-Real Ecosystem, a service to unite physical and digital content, based on DLT and in-built NFC technology

In all realities

For adding games to our ecosystem, we prioritize products with VR/AR/XR features. Let’s not limit the playing experience with only traditional computer and mobile games. Let’s create worlds in various dimensions, making them interconnected and full of collectible treasures.



We at Paracosm Project develop Post Scriptum games and invite you to check them out. There are great games from our partners, connected to the Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service.



Individual creators and development companies can connect their products to our Multiverse, increasing the number of players and giving them new possibilities.



Physical, digital, and phygital in-game items make up beautiful and valuable collections. The distributed registry of Tangle supports the value of such assets even outside of a particular game paracosm.

Who Are We?
Paracosm Project has been founded by Sergey Ivancheglo and Pavel Shlapak - to bring to life many innovative ideas and to make the world of gaming a better place for everyone. Our team develops a few products, tangled into one ecosystem: the Paracosm platform, Caer Sidi service, Caer Sidi Hub, and games of Post Scriptum.

Explore Our Games

Post Scriptum CTG

Create a collection of tokens with inhabitants of the Post Scriptum paracosm. Take perfect stacks to multiplayer matches and crash your opponents on the game board.