Tangible gaming
To touch your virtual achievements

Dedicated players spend many hours in the virtual worlds, enjoying countless adventures. But what happens when a playing session is over and you return to the real world? Having pieces of virtuality in our physical dimension is an easy way to keep the gaming spirit around you - even if you are not playing at the moment. Probably, this is one of the reasons for players to purchase various souvenirs, toys, posters, and themed clothes.

This kind of merchandise becomes very popular nowadays, and the developers/manufacturers look for ways to expand their assortment and to offer players something really unique, just amazing. It would be nice to take a deeper look at this topic - and specifically at what new products can companies offer to their customers.

Such tangible gaming souvenirs is a way to get additional revenue. This and other aspects make the game industry the most profitable entertainment - check out the proof in the article “The modern game industry in (serious) numbers.”

What do we buy them for?

Having beautiful things around us - this is a kind of deep feature of human nature. Gamers do the same but with a significant accent to the gaming atmosphere. Is it only about having something colorful around us? Is it a kind of escape from the (gloomy) reality?

Playing games is a part of life experience for many people. We feel so different emotions in the virtual worlds and we express our personality so differently in those breathtaking adventures. Gaming is inseparable from our day-to-day activity, it sprouts in the real world in one way or another. Its “fruits” here are those tangible souvenirs.

A step towards practicality

It’s quite interesting to build collections of beautiful things. It’s much more interesting to collect something beautiful with practical usage.

You can fill in the shelves with amazing figurines of game characters, but they will stay there, gathering dust. Many people prefer purchasing things to use them in some ways - pens to write with, notebooks, backpacks, T-Shirts, etc.

Offering in-game souvenirs with some practical usage is a way to interest customers. The problem is a bit limited possibilities of that practical usage. The market is filled enough and even super dedicated gamers like to have some things with no connection to the spirit of gaming.

Let the game continue

Having something from the gaming worlds is a nice feeling. Using those things practically gives an even better feeling. Imaging, how excited gamers can become if the practical usage will be a game again? It’s like taking parts of virtuality, transferring them into reality, and continuing the game with them here.

This idea is innovative to the max, but the question remains - is it possible to implement it in the modern industry?

Here is the moment when we bring Caer Sidi into this discussion. The power of our service makes the idea of cross-real game merchandise possible.

What is the secret here? The magic comes true thanks to NFC-chips and the distributed registry of Tangle. Let’s take for example playing tokens of the tabletop game Altar: the War of Gods. They power up your army in the real-world matches and then this experience becomes reflected in the stats of its digital copy. Also, physical tokens open unique digital creatures to play online.

Such a usage opens impressive possibilities for the developers/manufacturers. Some fresh ideas are needed to make the connection between game realities more fascinating for players - the technical part of this connection becomes possible thanks to Caer Sidi. The distributed registry synchronizes data between realities. Also, this technology protects digital information from fraud and makes fake merchandise impossible.

Another interesting example of such tangible gaming is figurines of Champion and Smith from the paracosm of Post Scriptum. You play with these guys in a digital game and their stats are stored in the distributed registry. The more you develop these characters in virtuality, the more valuable their figures become in reality - the distributed registry stores the history of owners, achievements, and tournaments. Such figurines become something more than just souvenirs.

An infrastructure to use

Caer Sidi merges playing experiences in digital and physical realities for internal products of Paracosm Project and also for games of our partners. We develop an infrastructure to make various real-world assets playable in many meanings of this word - and the creative fantasy of the game developers will find for this infrastructure the best usage possible. Thus, gamers get more excitement from their life-long hobby and the companies have more possibilities to implement their ideas.

Please, check out this animated video, which explains the possibilities of cross-real gaming.



The game industry is evolving in many aspects. New powerful hardware gives new possibilities in the digital dimension. The innovative service of Caer Sidi gives new profitable possibilities in both digital and physical dimensions. Tangible gaming assets is just an example of practical solutions, powered by Caer Sidi.

Meet us at SPIEL ‘19 in Essen, Germany, to discuss various details of our service - and probable this meeting will be the start of a win/win partnership.

Also, you can contact the key people of Paracosm Project, creators of Caer Sidi, through our official Discord Server.

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