Game monetization in harmony with playing experience
Let gamers enjoy. Let developers earn

We at Paracosm Project develop the ecosystem of Caer Sidi for gamers and game creators. So, we think about benefits for both sides - how to provide players with an excellent experience and development companies with good business opportunities.

It’s ok to foresee ways of having revenue from your gaming product. It’s not ok to get obsessed with money income and forget about feelings of your customers. Such an approach leads to disasters in the game business.

Let’s take a look at a few principles of successful monetization schemes. Caer Sidi gives many opportunities to implement them.

Another article on a similar topic is “Mobile Game Market: monetization during casual growth”  we invite you to check it out as well.

  • Pay-to-win schemes are quite risky

This feature may seem very effective - you offer super-powerful heroes or some unbreakable items and expect players to buy them for having significant in-game advantages. This scheme often falls apart in practice. Many players feel unable to progress in the game by usual methods, without money investments - they leave the game and even become angry with it. Players are not happy with unnecessary obstacles, which can be overcome only with paid power-ups.

  • Cosmetic and collectible items as part of internal evolution

Players love to have virtual characters and their equipment in the most beautiful shape possible, different from those of teammates and opponents. Using cosmetic items is a way to express the personality and emotions. Collectible assets prove the interest in this particular game, demonstrate the level of involvement. This monetization method is one of the best in the industry.

  • Power-ups to save the time

Many games are quite demanded to time. To achieve something great, players should complete lots of missions, finish lots of matches. If they have the alternative in purchasing those highly desired items and probably avoid the system of randomness in delivering prizes, many of involved gamers may do this willingly.

  • Weave the monetization schemes into gameplay

Creative skills can help game developers make brilliant products, with thrilling stories and exciting adventures. The same skills may help to come up with inventive monetization ideas, which do not give unfair advantages, which come a bit beyond cosmetic collectibles, and which, in fact, become part of the very gameplay. Additional levels, locations, and paid DLC are nice examples here, but probably you will be able to dig deeper in this direction.

Let’s take for example the game of our partners - Altar: the War of Gods. This product has been divided into two versions, physical and digital, and the Caer Sidi service connects them into one experience. Such an unusual decision expands possibilities of players and gives developers some additional monetization tools.

  • Traditional schemes are good to use

Many players prefer paying some price for having a complete adventure. This classic scenario of selling games remains quite effective, so it might be wise to consider it for your product. Various additions may be interesting for such customers too but only with no interference into the primary gameplay.

Altar: The War of Gods - this game has digital and physical versions, connected to each other through the Caer Sidi service

The industry of video games combines art and business. If developers make too strong accent towards one of these aspects, the whole harmony disappears. Thus, creative projects cannot find their audience and even brilliant monetization methods become non-working.

As an ecosystem, Caer Sidi does not interfere with creativity. We offer effective and innovative monetization tools, which help developers implement their artistic talent. 

Caer Sidi offers:

  • the possibility to bring into your games a big community of dedicated players;
  • a store to sell various in-game items;
  • monetization through phygital assets - physical souvenirs with digital information.

Nice examples of phygital assets are figurines from the Post Scriptum paracosm (such as this Champion). Information about them is written in the distributed registry - this includes in-game history and all the transactions. Internal DLC-chips open unique content in digital games. Phygital objects can become good playing pieces in tabletop games.

Champion - a phygital asset from the Post Scriptum Paracosm, with information stored in the distributed registry of Tangle

The distributed registry is a great tool for digital items too. This technology supports the real value of virtual assets, especially for limited editions.

Unpredictability is a feature of making business in the game industry - you never know whether a product will become successful or not. Looking for harmony between monetization schemes and the experience of players can reduce risks significantly. Caer Sidi could help with this.

Please contact us through to discuss the details of publishing your games on Caer Sidi, of connecting it to the distributed registry, and of producing phygital assets for your paracosm.

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